At JOOR, we’re committed to the digital transformation of the industry we love. 

We’ve put the entire buying process online to make wholesale smoother and smarter for both brands and retailers. The JOOR platform uniquely unlocks data between transacting parties--creating a single, collaborative ecosystem so partners can easily access the vital metrics that drive their business in real time, leverage trends as they see them develop and work together to grasp emerging opportunities.



No partner left behind

Founded in 2010, JOOR is based in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, London, Milan, Paris and Melbourne. As the world’s largest wholesale platform and data exchange for fashion, beauty and home, we connect over 8,600 brands with 200,000 retailers across 144 countries every day. But we believe how people and companies accomplish goals is just as important as reaching those goals.

So along with our commitment to fuel the advancement and growth of both brands and retailers of any size, we always provide a free tier to meet each partner wherever they are along their journey. And we will never sell a partner a tool they don’t actually need.



OUR Values

We have five primary values that inspire how we work with each other, what tools we strive to create, and the direction we seek to give our industry:


Our team embraces and embodies these values on a daily basis.